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Clinical Hypnosis in Treatment


 Dr. Tracy Robinson, Psy.D. incorporates clinical hypnosis in the treatment of a wide range of clinical problems.  Dr. Robinson has extensive training in psychological assessments, behavioral medicine, psychotherapy, and clinical hypnosis.  His credentials related to clinical hypnosis include: certification in clinical hypnosis with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, he is a member chair, and a committee member with the standards and training committee and bylaws committee for the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, he is a member chair with the Chicago Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and a member of the Society of psychological hypnosis of the American Psychological Association.

Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration, and focused attention.  It can produce multilevel change related to thoughts, feelings, sensations, behaviors and experiences. The hypnotic process involves 3 elements in the person receiving treatment: an ability to focus attention, the ability to separate oneself from surroundings and distractions, and an increase in openness and receptiveness to suggestions and change.  The Issues that can be treated by hypnosis are:

- Anxiety     - Stress - Phobias - Depression - Bed Wetting - Medical/Dental Issues  - TMJ    - Gagging - Bruxim 

- Chronic Pain - Needle Phobia  - Public Speaking
- Burns  - Habit control - IBS  -Overeating  - Smoking Cessation 

- Ego Strengthening

Bariatric Surgery Evaluations


 Dr. Tracy Robinson, Psy.D., provides clinical evaluations for patients in the bariatric surgery process.  A psychological evaluation is necessary to make sure each candidate for surgery is mentally and emotionally prepared for the surgery and for life after the surgery.  This includes the challenges of care and healing during and immediately after surgery, a change of lifestyle, eating habits and exercise habits in order to maintain one's new lifestyle and evaluating any negative issues or coping strategies that may hinder one's success or achievement.  

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